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Listen to The Food Pantry on KALW radio

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Listen to (or read) this story by Jen Chien for Crosscurrents, which aired today on San Francisco’s public radio station, KALW. It’s all about The Food Pantry, (“San Francisco Food Pantry Fosters Connection in Hard Times”) and features interviews with our volunteers and many of the people who use the pantry.

An excerpt:  “The diversity in the line outside the Food Pantry is matched by an equal diversity inside the church. The volunteers who run the pantry are from many different backgrounds. They start arriving at 8am to organize and prepare groceries. The bounty is impressive, with piles of red bell peppers, oranges, bags of broccoli florets, cabbages, tomatoes, cantaloupes, dried fruit, brown rice, canned beans, bread, and frozen salmon filets.The volunteers take several hours to sort and prepare the groceries for distribution. Then they break for a communal lunch before the first wave of recipients comes in at noon. The whole atmosphere of the place is joyous and friendly, with people smiling and chatting as they work….”