Seasonal Eating ~ Fall 2011

Most of the food we give away is fresh produce

Unlike many programs that rely on canned goods and processed foods, The Food Pantry gives away mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the San Francisco Food Bank and its network of local farmers, we distribute literally tons of delicious, healthy produce every single week. And we’re always grateful for smaller, super-local donations from backyard gardeners, who share their extra produce with us: if you live in San Francisco and want to donate fruit or vegetables from your garden, give us a call!

Winter means we go back to our roots in a big way: yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips and beets….and greens to keep it all fresh. For fruit we have apples and pears, and the last of the grapes, with citrus of all kinds starting to come in. It makes a big difference to the families we serve when they can eat real food instead of packaged food.

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