Seasonal Eating ~ Summer 2011

Volunteers Carmella & Rudy (below) offer fresh produce to everyone

Unlike many pantries that rely on canned goods and processed foods, The Food Pantry gives away mostly fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the San Francisco Food Bank and its network of local farmers, we’re able to distribute literally tons of delicious, healthy produce every single week.

We’re so grateful for the farmers whose labor makes this abundance possible, and to everyone who picks, sorts, packs and delivers all the different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It means a lot to our volunteers to see a kid walking out eating a juicy peach, or to fill a grandmother’s cart to overflowing with healthy greens that we know will make dinner for a family.

It’s summer at The Food Pantry now, so we’ve been celebrating the return of strawberries: flat after flat of ripe red fruit, filling the whole church with their fragrance. There are still some sweet navel oranges around, and buckets of Meyer lemons from our neighbors’ backyards, but we’re heading into stone-fruit season: peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots.

As well as produce, the Food Pantry gives away bread, rice, beans, cereal and an ever-changing variety of groceries. We’re especially grateful for the fresh bread and baked goods donated from places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods: the whole-wheat Irish soda bread, hot cross buns and gingersnaps this month were a special treat!

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