Heat Wave

Our neighborhood newspaper, the Potrero View, just wrote a great story about the work of The Food Pantry, describing us as looking like a farmer’s market. Today, at the beginning of the July 4 weekend, it was a super-hot day (for San Francisco). St. Gregory’s was hosting a children’s art camp, and so our usual space inside the rotunda was filled with young campers working on creative projects. That meant we held The Food Pantry outdoors…making it look even more like a free farmer’s market, complete with colorful umbrellas and lots of hats!


Michael planned our big move out back very carefully, making sure that the unfamiliar surroundings would be safe and easy to understand for our patrons. Fortunately all the vegetables were sturdy enough for the heat: butternut squash, potatoes, oranges, cabbages and cucumbers. Angela, Mable, Winston, Elizabeth, and Onyx handled the line, giving elderly guests lots of water and encouragement. Jimmy and Jenny braved the heat to break down boxes.

The volunteers had a fitting lunch for a holiday weekend: hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad. And we had lots of bread to give away, thanks to the hard work of Food Runners, who glean from restaurants and bakeries in the area and deliver to food pantries like ours. We’re so grateful for their work, and also for the amazing volunteers — out in force again today, braving the heat and the sun, just bringing food to the people.

Valentina at the bread table

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