Fall 2010: Eat, Share, Give

When we launched The Food Pantry ten years ago, we served 35 families. Now we have over 1200 registered, and serve up to 600 a week.

It’s hard to see the increasing number of families who come to The Food Pantry looking for help. Many are often newly unemployed, or facing cutbacks at their jobs. Others are struggling to stay in their houses or rental apartments, and some families have lost their homes. We continue to help our neighbors start new food pantries around the Bay Area, but the bottom line is that the need keeps growing.

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, who donate their time to staff the pantry and run our operations, food is our main expense. And we’re incredibly efficient: we buy food from the nonprofit San Francisco Food Bank, so it still costs us, on average, just $1 to provide groceries for one family for a week – $50 will help feed a family for a year.

The Food Pantry isn’t funded by the church or by grants, but is supported by donations from individuals. We are so proud of the way that our community has responded in these hard times. We’re grateful for all the gifts and regular pledges that allow us to help 1200 hungry families – and the way so many people, volunteers and donors, pitch in to make sure their neighbors have enough to eat.
All donations are tax-deductible. Please mail us your gift, or donate online. Thank you for being part of this work.

About the pantry

The Food Pantry’s mission is to increase hungry people’s access to food. We run our flagship pantry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, and offer training, small amounts of start-up money, and support to open other pantries in the Bay Area (so far we’ve helped start 18!)

Every Friday we give away free groceries to as many as 600 hungry families. We set up farmers-market style, providing literally tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, beans, pasta, cereal, bread and more. The pantry is run entirely by volunteers––almost all of them people who came to get food and stayed to help out. Everyone is welcome to receive, and to give. If you’re interested in learning more, contact director Sara Miles (sara@thefoodpantry.org).

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