Spring 2010: seasonal eating

Most of the food we give away is fresh produce.

Most of the food we give away is fresh produce.

Unlike many programs that rely on canned goods and processed foods, The Food Pantry gives away mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the San Francisco Food Bank and its network of local farmers, we distribute literally tons of delicious, healthy produce every single week.

It’s wonderful to see a kid walking out eating a pear, or a mother’s cart filled to overflowing with greens. We’re grateful for the farmers who make this abundance possible, and to everyone at the Food Bank who sorts, packs and delivers those pallets so hungry people can eat real food.

Right now at The Food Pantry, we’re waiting for the warm-weather produce to come in. There are still plenty of oranges, and the eternal root crops: carrots, cabbage, potatoes, yams, garlic and onions. We had some beautiful artichokes this month, and lots of lettuce. Our neighborhood gardeners promise us that the fava beans are on the way. And as the days grow longer, asparagus is right around the corner….come on, spring!

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