Spring 2010: behind the scenes

Students volunteer at The Food Pantry

Students volunteer at The Food Pantry.

For several years, 5th grade students from the neighboring Live Oak School have volunteered with us on Friday afternoons, along with their teachers and some parents. They do every kind of work, with incredible enthusiasm: this year, a group of them even came to sing for the pantry, in English and Chinese! Read what some of the students have written about their experiences.

The Story of Lettuce
by Johnny Sobol

I was working quietly at The Food Pantry, minding my own business at the lettuce table, when I heard someone speaking some wise words. It was hard to make out the sound, but then I heard it. Someone said to me, “If you work hard, you will be very famous!”
Max, Sam, and I started to laugh a lot! We realized that weird but true things could be said at St. Gregory’s.

Sarah comes with other students to work at The Food Pantry.

Sarah comes with other students to work at The Food Pantry

St Gregory’s Poem by Sarah Weihl

I walk in;
The smell of vegetables and dirt almost overwhelm me.
All mixed together with the smell of cardboard and fruit.
Seeing the bread and people of different cultures.
Hearing the sounds of different languages,
Chinese and English,
All mixed together in a whirlwind of sound.
I ask people if they would like some of this,
Or some of that.
They reply,
Sometimes with body language,
Sometimes with words.
The sound of people asking for food.
I can see and hear everything.
I wonder when it will stop.
I go up to my station.

Bein’ nice is a full-time job!

Bein’ nice is a full-time job!

The Song by Max Bowers

Verse I

They had out the food for the people!
Bein’ nice is a full-time job! Yeah!

And when they go home, are they feelin’ better?
Yeah, cause they changed some lives!

Cabbages and bars, cans and fresh food;
It doesn’t make a difference to them.
The people come in ready for food,
And they come out feeling great.

Verse II

And the dead saints line the church walls,
Watching the followers of the great Gregory.
Talkin’ ‘bout the goodness in their hearts.
It comes from the goodness in all of our hearts!


St. Gregory’s Acrostic
by Hazel Olson-Dorf

Check it out!

Check it out!

Something I do on Friday
Today I will go there
Good for the soul
Rite on my mitzvah list
Everyone should do it
Go and volunteer now
Over on De Haro Street
Roll over and check it out
You can do it too
Someday we won’t need it

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