The Generosity of Neighbors

The Food Pantry is tickled pink by the generosity of two of our food-loving, hard-working, peace-love-and-justice-sharing neighbors in the Mission District, Mission Pie and Mission Street Food.

Mission Pie is a fabulous café that makes, yes, PIE of all kinds, from ingredients grown entirely on its nonprofit Pie Ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains. Kids from the Mission help grow the food, harvest the wheat, bake the pies and sell them back in the city. Mission Pie is about as local and real as food can get….and they’re currently matching all donations you make in their cafe to The Food Pantry and another neighbor, Martin de Porres House of Hospitality. “Abundance is all around us in San Francisco,” write the folks at Mission Pie. “Let’s share it with those who need it most.” Please drop by Mission Pie for a delicious slice of walnut, apple, quince or even chicken pie, and put a few bucks in the jar for us.

Mission Street Food has been sharing with The Food Pantry and a whole slew of neighborhood nonprofits since it opened. The twice-a-week restaurant, staffed by wildly inventive guest chefs and housed in a funky Chinese restaurant, gives all its profits away. They’ve given the proceeds of several evenings to us, have invited Paul Fromberg and Sara Miles of The Food Pantry to cook there, and now are giving us all the profits from wine sold at Mission Street Food (via a generous donation from Elyse Winery.) So drink up! Make a reservation at Mission Street Food, check out their amazing PB&J (pork belly, jicama and jalapeño) dish, and know that your dinner will help support local nonprofits.

Our heartfelt thanks to Anthony and Karen, Karen and Krystin.

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