Fresh Produce and More

This past Friday we had an abundance of fresh produce–everything from giant, ripe tomatoes to huge Granny Smith apples.  We also provided folks with fresh bread, brown rice, beans and popcorn and cookies for treats.

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  1. Tony Thompson Says:

    I was wondering if someone could possibly give me advice. I wanted to do some locally in my community (County of Ventura, Ventura city). Specifically I wanted to help provide fresh produce to local food banks shelters. The only problem is that I have no fresh produce myself… however I see lots of people that have fruit trees on their properties that are overloaded with fruit dropping to the ground…instead of it going to waste I wanted to see if I could get people to donate these (oranges, lemons, avacados etc) Then perhaps I could get volunteers to help pick these (perhaps sociology students from surrounding local colleges that could help?) I just wanted to bounce this off of someone who knows more about this process and let me know if this sounds viable. Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

  2. Tricia McCarthy Says:

    Hi Tony,

    That is a great idea. I’d go to I think that would be a good resource. Thanks for reading our blog and supporting the effort to end hunger and food insecurity in our country.

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